Tips for a final push to hit end-of-year sales goals by using FeedMe Marketing Tools

The last quarter is undoubtedly the most wonderful and significant period of the year for most F&B businesses! Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and School Holiday, all of these holidays come and go. Consumer spending at restaurants, cafes, or bars grows significantly during this period as the festival brings people together and a great place to eat and chat is always a must-have. It's an excellent opportunity for restaurant owners to hit sales and increase brand awareness. Continue to scroll through to discover tips for a final push to hit end-of-year sales goals by using FeedMe Marketing Tools. FeedMe Marketing Tools allow merchants to customize promotions, vouchers, and rewards to target different customer groups. Potential Customers  This group of customers has yet to know your brand, but holidays increase the chance of getting them to visit your restaurant and become loyal customers. 1 - Hold Contest on Social Media Hold contests on social media can bring online audiences to your restaurant in real life, and increase social media page engagement at the same time. eg.: Encourage online audiences to tag their families or friends in the comment box and share the post. Lucky winners can get a cash voucher and redeem it when they dine at your restaurant. 2 - Festival Promotion Taking amazing photos with attractive festival promotion and design. Promoting it on social media can grow your brand awareness and followers faster, and bring potential customers to visit your restaurant. If you're not running paid ads on social media, you can add festival-related keywords in the hashtag to get more organic views and increase the opportunities to let potential customers see your post! 3 - New Member Welcome Gift It's also the best time of year to recruit more members! By using FeedMe Loyalty System, merchants can create attractive members' benefits and rewards in just a few clicks!  Existing Customers This group of customers has visited your restaurant before or is already a member. 1 - Double Credit Rebate By using FeedMe Member Store, merchants can sell credits at a lower price to encourage members to return to spend the free credit on a specific period. 2 - Launch Exclusive Holiday Merchandise It's the best time to reward your members! Encourage them to spend more and visit your restaurant during holidays and get exclusive Holiday Merchandise when member level up to the next tier! Using the FeedMe Loyalty System, merchants can create membership tiers & levels, and add rewards! Lapsed Customers Merchants can define lapsed customers by checking the customer's last visited and spent on FeedMe Loyalty System. 1 - Cash Vouchers Merchants can customize Cash Vouchers by using FeedMe Marketing Tools (FeedMe Portal > Marketing > Voucher > New Voucher > Attraction). After creating the voucher, copy the shareable link and send it to lapsed customers to encourage them to revisit your restaurant! 2 - Bottomless Drinks/ Free Add-On Snacks Win back your lapsed customers by giving them an extraordinary bonding experience with their friends or families with bottomless drinks and free snacks! Make it during the off-peak hours to ensure they have enough time to enjoy! FeedMe Smart POS System helps merchants to speed up workflow, and operate restaurants efficiently by placing all actions at your fingertips! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram to get the latest update on our POS System features and promotions!

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Payments Made Easy with NFC Transactions

Contactless payment was a growing trend before the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerated the demand amid the public health crisis. A restaurant must go beyond delighting customers with excellent food during the post-pandemic. Adopting the contactless payment method shows a commitment to the safety of patrons and staff, which helps build customer trust and shows the restaurant takes hygiene seriously. Contactless payment offers a restaurant more competitive, and a smooth payment experience makes customers want to return. NFC Payment has emerged in recent years in the form of contactless payment. Continue to scroll down to learn more about NFC Payments and our brand-new device, which can support NFC transactions. What is NFC Payment? NFC stands for Near-Field Communication, which allows two devices to communicate in close proximity. NFC Payments are contactless payments that use NFC technology to exchange data between readers and payment devices such as Apple Pay or tap-to-pay credit cards and debit cards. How do contactless NFC Payments help your restaurant? NFC Payments provide more convenience for restaurant owners and customers, allowing them to skip the swipe and PIN during checkout, reduce the risk of theft of physical card and card numbers, and minimize the contact between servers and customers. Moreover, the explosive growth in mobile technologies drives new customer behaviour in using mobile payments. FeedMe's powerful POS System has solved various challenges faced by F&B business owners. We keep exploring wonderful hardware that best works with FeedMe POS System to level up merchants' workflow and simplify their business operations with perfection. To cater to the new customer behaviour and merchants' need, FeedMe has introduced a brand-new POS device recently - Falcon 1. Introducing brand new POS Device - Falcon 1 With the Falcon 1, you literally just need one device. Take payment in seconds with its built-in NFC. Accept Debit Card, Credit Card, and Apple pay. Tap and go, and it's that easy! Discover more about all-in-one POS Devices: We liberate you from the ordinary and create extraordinary experiences. Contact us now for more information!

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FeedMe Loyalty System

A well-designed rewards program attract valuable customer and drive customer retention, which can help restaurants generate revenue, increase referrals and achieve overall growth. With FeedMe Loyalty System, merchants can set up loyalty programs quickly and easily. Scroll through and start to set up your loyalty program with us! Guide to Creating Loyalty Program by Using FeedMe Smart POS System: Steps to Loyalty System: 1 - Log into FeedMe Portal 2 - Choose "Marketing" on the left-hand panel 3 - Select "Loyalty" on the left-hand panel Loyalty > Overview: Merchants can check the number of members, upcoming or existing benefits & rewards, and tiers at a glance on this page. Loyalty > Members: On this page, merchants can view, export, and manage members' information. 1 - Merchants can search members by using their registration name or contact number in the Search Column. 2 - To get members' completed information (Name, Phone, Email, Member Card Number, Birthday, Credit, Free Credit, Experience, Level, Tier, Titles, Total Transaction, Avg Spent, Total Spent, Last Visit, Registration Date), merchants can click "Export Members" and will download members' info in xlsx file. 3 - To Send Credit/ Deduct Credit/ Update Stat, simply click on the member info, and click the three dots icon on the top-right-hand side. If there's a physical member card, merchants can update it in "Update Stat". Loyalty > Leveling: Merchants can create membership tiers & levels and add rewards to each tier & level on this page. 1 - Click the pencil icon to "Configure Tier" Merchants can type their desired names for the membership tier (eg: Tier 0 - Welcome, Tier 1 - Bronze, Tier 2 - Silver, and Tier 3 - Gold) and set up a minimum level in each tier (eg: min level of Tier 0 is 10, so members are required to level up until 10 in order to be upgraded to the next membership tier.) 2 - Simply click one level to "Configure Level" Basic Info: Set "Exp To Level Up" (eg: 1000 exp = RM 100, members will upgrade to the next level with every spend of RM100.) On Level Reward: Merchants can set different rewards at each level (Click "add reward", and select the reward created from "Loyalty > Reward") Reward Pool: Reward created and added from "Loyalty > Reward" Loyalty > Store: Page to create items to sell for existing members or new members. 1 - Click "+ New Category", and name the category (eg: Credit Rebate/ Tea Time Voucher/ Member Card etc) 2 - Click "Add New Bundle" below the Category Basic: Create bundle name, decide the price of this bundle (RM1=100 credit) Credit: Normal Credit: If you're selling a bundle with RM90, your normal credit will be 9000. Free Credit: To key in free credit and set the expiry date of free credit. (eg: Buy RM90 Credit Free RM 10 Credit, so in the free credit column, key in 1000.) Title: Merchants can choose if they want to link the title (created from Loyalty>Benefit) into the bundle. Reward: Merchants can choose if they want to include the reward (created from Loyalty>Reward) in the bundle. All created bundle can be founded in POS System: Order Management Bar > Member Store > Contact > Key-in new/ existing member contact number Loyalty > Transaction: 1 - To check member credit transactions. 2 - To check member store transactions. 3 - Select the date range to view the transaction activities. 4 - Export information in xlsx file. Loyalty > Benefits: To set up membership benefits. 1 - Click "New Title", and name the title. (eg: Merchants create Common and VIP titles in order to offer exclusive benefits to different levels/ tiers of members.) 2 - Click "New Benefit" below the title to set up benefits. Basic: To set benefit name and entitlement. Item Discount: To set the benefit mechanism. Configuration: To set the benefit availability & validity. Loyalty > Reward: To set up rewards and link to different levels. 1 - Tick this box to reward new members. 2 - Tick this box to reward members when they upgraded to the next level. 3 - Click "New Reward" to create: Basic: To set voucher name and usage type. Bill Discount: To set the voucher mechanism. Configuration: To set the voucher availability & validity. 4 - Click the 3 dots icon to update/ send/ delete the reward. A successful restaurant uses software and technology, and a loyalty program should be a part of this. FeedMe consistently evolves products and features to deliver high-quality service to all merchants.

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Interface: FeedMe Smart POS System - Version 6

Every part of the FeedMe Smart POS System is designed to make our merchants' workflow faster and easier in order to maximize the restaurants' operation efficiency. Scroll through to explore FeedMe's easy-to-use interface. Interface Layout/ Components There are six major parts to the Main Page of the FeedMe Smart POS System interface. 1 - Order Overview Bar 2 - Navigation Menu 3 - Order Management Bar 4 - MeBot Quick Access 5 - Dine-in Order Panel 6 - Takeaway Order Panel 1 - Order Overview Bar 1 - Quick search Button (Allow cashier to view all bills at a glance) 2 - Refresh Button (Quick reload to get the latest situation) 3 - Floor Navigator (Switch floorplan easily) 2 - Navigation Menu 1 - Order (Main Page) 2 - Menu (To update dishes availability) 3 - Inventory (To control and review restaurant inventory and keep restaurants running smoothly) 4 - Transaction (To check each transaction based on the selected date, easy to manage refund item or amount) 5 - Report (Include Sales, Discount, Refund, Void, and Timesheet Report, manage all data and activities at one screen) 6 - Setting (Easy to setup and flexible, from Operation, Table Layout, Display, Notifications, Employee, Printer, Payment, to Device, all in your control) 3 - Order Management Bar 1 - Upcoming Order (Manage all upcoming orders including preorder, queue, and reservation) 2 - Current Order (Focus on all current order) 3 - Member Store (Manage all your member-related purchases) 4 - MeBot Quick Access 1 - Notification Bar (To show notifications such as software updates, new orders from QR Code System or Delivery Platforms) 2 - System Section 3 - User Section 5 - Dine-in Order Panel Easy to view which table is seated and track duration and spending. 6 - Takeaway Order Panel 1 - When a customer orders from the counter 2 - When a customer orders a takeaway 3 - When receiving new delivery order 4 - When a customer sits in your restaurant 5 - All non-seating orders will appear here (Delivery, Pickup, and Takeaway) Customize Interface Tweak the FeedMe interface to look and feel the way you like it. Dark/ Light Interface FeedMe Smart POS System offers two visual modes. Merchants can either select Dark Mode or Light Mode based on their restaurants' environment. Language and Page Layout Merchants are able to choose either English or Chinese and their preferred page layout in FeedMe Smart POS System. FeedMe Smart POS System provides an easy-to-use interface that can help to speed up your ordering and checkout process during peak hours, drive more sales for your restaurant, and offer an excellent customer experience.

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