Restaurant Game: Here is the guide to bringing your restaurant to the next level!

If your restaurant were a game, here is the guide to mastering every level! Level 1: Mission: Help restaurant servers learn POS System quickly and easily. Items: Easy-To-Use FeedMe Smart POS System FeedMe Smart POS System provides an interface that let users find easy to use and pleasurable! Time is so precious, and you do not want to waste it. Not only help to save servers time but also make your restaurant owner's life easier!  Level 2: Mission: Speed up the ordering process!  Items: QR Code Ordering System FeedMe QR Code Ordering System allows customers to scan the QR Code to view the menu and place an order directly. QR Code Ordering System reduces waiting time, simplifies the ordering process, and increases the table turnover rate!  Level 3: Mission: Simplify the communication between servers and chefs, and speed up the preparation time for dishes. Items: Kitchen Display System Kitchen Display System (KDS) replaces paper tickets & kitchen printers. It helps to integrate the communications between the front and back of the house, whereby servers and chefs can communicate directly via one screen! Level 4: Mission: Let delivery riders and self-pick-up customers know the status of their orders. Servers can focus on more tables simultaneously.  Items: Order Display System Order Display System (ODS) helps to maximise restaurant operations by avoiding getting orders wrongly, and servers will have more time to focus on the dine-in customer! Level 5: Mission: Receive Grab Food, foodpanda & ShopeeFood orders directly from POS System, and speed up restaurant delivery service! Items: Delivery Integration Delivery Integration helps to solve the hassle of manually calculating & key-in orders into the POS System. Most importantly, it can reduce the mistake of changing the delivery menus and prices! Level 6:  Mission: Understand customer preferences and make them happy. Items: Loyalty System The Loyalty System is beyond rewarding customers with vouchers. Each of the customer profiles is now at your fingertip. You can figure out customer preferences based on the previous order and introduce new dishes. Understanding your customer preference is always the key to helping you build a long and lasting relationship! Level 7: Mission: Go Cashless! Items: E-wallet Payment FeedMe Smart POS System offers cashless payment options! E-wallet Payment including Touch 'n Go, Grab Pay, Maybank QR Pay, Boost, ShopeePay, WeChat Pay, PrestoPay, and Alipay! Make payment easily and hassle-free with the aesthetically designed iMin X1 QR Code scanner.  Level 8: Mission: Help merchants reduce delivery costs! Items: FeedMe Express FeedMe Express helps restaurants save on delivery costs up to 20%! Level 9: Mission: Increase restaurant exposure rate and attract more customers to visit! Items: FeedMe App FeedMe App has reached 250K registered users so far, which helps to bring more customers to restaurants! Level 10: Mission: Analyse sales, customer behaviour, and create a marketing plan for next quarter! Items: Online Report Get the latest data anytime & anywhere. Easy-to-understand charts help to analyse and create marketing strategies in no time. View The Complete Guide: Our mission here is to make everyone's lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive! You can get all these features at your restaurant in real life and putting a smile on your customers.

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Happy Merdeka! Discover the taste of Malaysia with MeBot.

Malaysian Cuisine represents Malaysia's multicultural heritage. Each ethnic group in Malaysia has its type of Cuisine, and Malaysian Cuisine is adapted to reflect the union of different flavours from various ethnic groups. To celebrate this Merdeka month, MeBot has mapped out a "Discover Malaysia Trip" to explore the taste of Malaysia! From home-cooked favourites to popular street food, Malaysia has the best selection of Cuisine. Scroll through to see what MeBot has discovered from every state in Malaysia, and MeBot hope you can find your hometown's favourites here too! Snapshot of what MeBot has discovered in West Malaysia and East Malaysia: 1. Johor - Otak-otak Otak-otak is also known as "otah". The otak-otak in Johor is made with fish, prawns or squid wrapped in coconut leaves and grilled over a charcoal fire. You can eat them as snacks or with rice. 2. Melaka - Chicken Rice Balls We all know that Melaka is famous for its special Chicken Rice Balls! Chicken Rice Balls are made using traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice, rolled into compact, bite-sized balls. These delicious rice balls are served with tender and juicy chicken meat! 3. Negeri Sembilan - Siew Pao An iconic pastry from Seremban, Siew Pao is good with generous pork or chicken fillings. You will fall in love with this crispy outside and juicy inside Chinese pastry once you try it! 4. Selangor - Satay Satay is the favourite street food for so many people! Marinated meat on skewers grilled to perfection, served with peanut sauce and slices of cucumber and onions. 5. Pahang - Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin One of the most famous dishes in Pahang - Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin. Tender patin fish cooked in curry made of tempoyak (fermented durian). Although the ingredients may seem odd, it is a mouthwatering delicacy. 6. Terengganu - Nasi Dagang Nasi Dagang is known as the nasi lemak of the east coast. Rice steamed in coconut milk, paired with fish curry, pickled cucumber & carrots, and hard-boiled egg. 7. Kelantan - Nasi Kerabu The rice of Nasi Kerabu is blue because it has been pre-cooked in the blue extract from the dried flowers of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Served with fried chicken, crackers, pickles and other salads. 8. Perlis - Ikan Bakar Marinated with a mixture of spices and pastes. The unique part of Perlis' Ikan Bakar is the sauce, made by red chillies, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and Thai chilli sauce. 9. Kedah - Mee Udang One of the most sought-after Kedah noodle dishes - Mee Udang. Served with thick and sweet gravy and a generous portion of fresh prawns. 10. Penang - Char Kuey Teow Char Kuey Teow is the food that defines Penang. People travel miles to taste that oily, charred, dark soy sauce-glazed flat noodle. 11. Perak - Ipoh Hor Fun It is a kind of soup noodles that match with sweet chicken broth and fresh prawns and mix with the flat rice noodles. 12. Sarawak - Sarawak Laksa Sarawak Laksa offers unique broth flavours from the combination of spice paste and coconut milk. The rice noodles mix in the flavourful broth, topped with omelette strips, chicken, prawns and vegetables. 13. Sabah - Tuaran Mee Sabah famous noodle dish - Tuaran Mee. A traditional handmade egg noodle topped with meat, eggs and vegetables. Many coffee shops in Kota Kinabalu serve this noodle dish. Wondering how MeBot discover good food when travelling in every state of Malaysia? Convenience lies at your fingertips. Download FeedMe App now to discover good food in your neighbourhood. Have you got the app? Download now: Apps Store: Google Play:

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Ahoy! This is MeBot.

We're excited to introduce our brand mascot - MeBot! MeBot is an adventurous, fun, intelligent, and sensitive nature bot. A technoholic and also a foodie. Smart and knows what is right, focus on what it's passionate about, loves to travel around the world to discover good food, and is curious about new things. Its sensitive nature helps to detect mistakes and fix them in a short time. Have you ever spotted this cute, round, friendly robot in FeedMe Smart POS System? MeBot first appeared at the corner of FeedMe POS System to help us remind our merchants of the new updates, orders, and more! MeBot also appeared on FeedMe social media platforms and our Order Display System interface this year! To let MeBot handle tasks on his plate better, we've gone through several versions of MeBot, and finally, here it is! Our MeBot always has many tasks on his plate, and that is what a robot is for! He loves cuti-cuti Malaysia (holiday in Malaysia) and sometimes travels abroad to hunt for good food. He is busy cooking in Johor Bahru this second, and roaming with delivery orders in KL streets the next. Multitasking just seems more fun with MeBot. Here are a few accessories for his different tasks! Need a receipt? Here you go. Stay tuned for our MeBot's superpower while he is evolving! Our first Mascot sticker pack is now available on WhatsApp. Liven up your WhatsApp conversations by adding MeBot Sticker Pack! Download now:

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FeedMe POS System integrated with GrabFood, foodpanda and ShopeeFood.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sharply increased demand for food delivery platforms in the past few years, and many consumers have relied on these platforms for daily meals. Food delivery orders quickly became the norm, especially when special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's day, and Christmas could be celebrated only at home on a smaller scale. Until today, even with the Covid-19 SOP relaxation, food delivery orders continue growing, telling a story about permanent changes in consumer consumption habits. With the increase in food delivery orders, restaurant owners not only have to focus on the dine-in customer experience but also need to ensure seamless service for online ordering customers. To solve the hassle of manually calculating & key-in orders to the POS System and reduce the mistake of changing the delivery menus and prices, FeedMe has launched another feature - Delivery Integration. With FeedMe Delivery Integration, no more manual work! Merchants can sync the menu and price with GrabFood, foodpanda, and ShopeeFood and get delivery orders directly from FeedMe POS System! Get delivery orders directly: 1.Customers place orders from the Delivery Platform: 2.Merchants receive orders directly from FeedMe POS System: Update Menus/ Prices/ Scheduler in just a few clicks: 1.Merchants login to FeedMe Portal and change menus/ prices: 2.Merchants can also set a scheduler on FeedMe Portal and show it in Delivery Platforms: 3.Publish updated Menus/ Prices/ Scheduler: 4.Updated Menus/ Prices/ Scheduler synchronize to Delivery Platforms directly: With FeedMe Delivery Integration, restaurant owners can save more manpower costs and boost their food delivery sales. FeedMe creating a world where innovative products deliver a better-integrated lifestyle and convenience lies at your fingertips.

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