Leveraging Technology with a Touch of Thoughtfulness - BE THOUGHTFUL, BE THOUGHT-FOOD with FeedMe POS System

Delicious food and excellent service are pillars of the restaurant business, but in today's competitive environment, having smart technology is just as vital. That's where the FeedMe Smart POS System comes in. Moving beyond the era of traditional cash registers, FeedMe is loaded with advanced features. These functionalities are built to streamline restaurant operations, boost restaurant profitability, and provide a competitive edge in the dynamic food and beverage industry. At FeedMe, we firmly believe in our slogan, "Be Thoughtful, Be Thought-food." This philosophy underlines all our actions, decisions, and developments, and it echoes throughout our system's design and functionality. It embodies our commitment to developing solutions that are not only intelligent but also considerate of the diverse needs of our merchants and their customers. Being thoughtful means understanding our merchants' needs in-depth and offering them tools that facilitate their operations rather than complicating them. It means providing an intuitive POS system that doesn't just fulfill the basic functions but exceeds expectations. Our goal is to streamline the restaurant management process and enhance restaurant operation efficiency so restaurant owners can focus on what they do best, such as creating delicious and memorable meals for customers. As for being "thought-food," it is a wordplay that underscores our goal to help our merchants serve not only meals but experiences. We empower merchants with the technology that allows creativity to shine through their food and service, making every dining moment a thoughtfully crafted experience. We equip merchants with data-driven insights that can use to personalize these experiences further and keep customers coming back for more. Moreover, "thought-food" also alludes to our commitment to constant innovation. Just like a chef experimenting with new recipes, we're continuously refining and improving our system, adding new features, and improving the old ones. We're always brainstorming, or rather, "thought-fooding," to stay ahead of the technology curve and to offer a product that's not just current but forward-looking. Therefore, when you choose FeedMe, you're choosing a partner that's thoughtful in its solutions and a thought-leader in its field. We believe that this approach is what makes us stand out, and we are eager to bring our thoughtfulness and innovative "thought-food" to your restaurant. In conclusion, our passion for helping our merchants will continue unabated because your food solutions matter to us. At FeedMe, we consistently enhance our products, ensuring our merchants always have access to the latest features in the market. As embodied in our slogan, "Be Thoughtful, Be Thought-food," we approach challenges with a thoughtful mindset, treating problems as treasure chests awaiting discovery. We are committed to figuring out solutions that address the issues faced by business owners while simultaneously considering the needs and experiences of the food lovers who frequent their establishments. Assuring reliability as our topmost priority, our merchants can always count on us for support. With FeedMe, we're cooking up thoughtful solutions for you, every step of the way.

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Enhance Your Brand and Make Your Digital Menu More Attractive with FeedMe Smart POS System

Over time, we have witnessed the rapid growth and expansion of Malaysia's restaurants and cafes in the market, especially in the post-pandemic era. Many establishments are recovering and even taking a leap by expanding into different neighborhoods. In one alley, you may find multiple restaurants or cafes serving the same menu and coffee. So, how can you make your eatery stand out and succeed? The answer lies in effective branding. Branding goes beyond creating a beautiful logo or catchy slogan. It is about how you want people to remember your restaurant. A good dining experience is vital in bringing customers back after their first visit, and they can even become advocates for your restaurant, by doing free marketing on social media. Many restaurants and cafes are now replacing their traditional menus with digital menus. FeedMe's QR Code Ordering System has become one of the favorite features used by our merchants to improve business efficiency. However, it can be frustrating for customers if the digital menu is not properly displayed or lacks the expected visual appeal and resolution. Here are a few tips on how you can build your branding and make your digital menu more attractive and appealing to your customers! Mouth-Watering Images with Illustrations Did you know that a proper design or visual can turn your menu into a silent salesperson? This is especially beneficial for restaurants and cafes that have limited staff. Photographs and highlights are powerful in driving sales for a particular dish. Most customers take just a few minutes to decide what they want to order and eat. Typically, customers only browse through half of the digital menu before making their decision. Therefore, ensure that your digital menu uses professional photography or mouth-watering images to make it more appealing. It would be a great addition if you can incorporate branding elements and detailed illustrations to enhance the attractiveness of the digital menu. Food Storytelling It's not common for restaurants and cafes to include standard meal descriptions in the digital menu. Most customers no longer bother to read descriptions but focus on the ingredients used instead. If you want to do something different and make your digital menu stand out, fancy storytelling has proven to be an effective tool to persuade customers. The idea behind food storytelling is to create an emotional connection between the image and the customer. We believe that every dish has a story to tell, such as its origin or the creator of the recipe. Storytelling descriptions are a perfect tool to engage with your customers and create an emotional connection. With FeedMe Digital Menus, you can edit and update the descriptions at any time, at no cost at all. Create Categorization & Keep It Simple Try to keep your digital menu simple and avoid clutter. Merchants are strongly encouraged to categorize their menu items into different columns. Besides categories like food, drinks, main courses, and appetizers, there are various ways for merchants to make it easier for customers to find their favorite choices. For example, you can create a column for "top picks" or "signature" on your digital menu, which will be super helpful for new customers. It will save time explaining and give them a good impression of what they should try, instead of relying on social media accounts for recommendations. Highlight Special Promotions Monthly promotions are effective in enticing customers to return to your restaurant or cafe. Merchants often advertise these promotions through paid ads on their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok). However, the quickest way to remind customers without any additional charges is through our POS Second Display Screen. It has high visibility and captures attention when customers place their orders at the counter. Additionally, feel free to reach out to our FeedMe team at if you wish to leverage our social media accounts too! In summary, no matter how good your food and service are in the restaurant or cafe, it can be wasted if you do not have a proper and well-rounded digital menu to attract your customers. No idea how to set up the digital menu? Fret not, we have prepared holistic guidance step-by-step to guide you on how to set up from scratch, discover HERE!

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User Guide: Brand-Strengthening Features in FeedMe Smart POS System

A strong brand is crucial in today's competitive food and beverage industry, and your point-of-sale (POS) system can be a key asset in building that brand identity. This user guide is designed to help to showcase the innovative features of the FeedMe Smart POS System that can strengthen your brand and elevate your business. Dive in to learn actionable insights and step-by-step instructions for harnessing the power of FeedMe Smart POS System's brand-enhancing capabilities. Let's get started! User Guide Outline: - Showcase Your Brand on POS Secondary Display Screen - Optimize Profile on FeedMe App - More QR Code Menu Designs to Suit Your Brand - Digital Menu Showcase Your Brand on POS Secondary Display Screen To showcase your brand on the POS secondary display screen, setup via FeedMe Portal with the following steps: Log in to FeedMe Portal, using your account credentials. Click the "1. Main Menu Icon" on the portal top left-hand side, and click "2. Setting". Click the "1. Device" on the portal top left-hand side, and click "2. Picture to Upload". Click the "1. Add Images" on the top right-hand side, and click "2. Save Setting". By following these steps, you will effectively showcase your brand on the secondary display screen of your POS system, creating a more engaging and visually appealing experience for your customers. Optimize Profile on FeedMe App To optimize your profile on the FeedMe App, follow these steps: Click the "1. Main Menu Icon" on the portal top left-hand side, and click "2. Setting". Click  "1. My Business", and click "2. Restaurant". In the Basic Info Section, merchants can upload their brand logo, name, legal name, registration number, contact, and email. In the Address Section, merchants can update their restaurant addresses to ensure customers can find restaurant locations easily. In the Operating Hours Section, merchants can set their operating hours so that customers know when they can order from or visit restaurants. In the Branding Section, merchants can provide a detailed and engaging description of the restaurant, highlighting its unique features and offerings by uploading a high-quality cover photo for the FeedMe App profile that represents the brand and catches the attention of potential customers. Merchants can also add a carousel of visually appealing images showcasing the restaurant's atmosphere, dishes, and other highlights to create a more immersive experience for users browsing profiles. By following these steps, you will create a well-optimized profile that attracts customers and showcases the best aspects of your restaurant on the FeedMe App. More QR Code Menu Designs to Suit Your Brand Merchants can easily customize their QR Code Menu Design to match their brand's unique identity with the diverse options available through FeedMe QR Code Ordering System. To create a customized QR code for your menu using our FeedMe QR Code Ordering System, simply refer to the detailed step-by-step instructions located in our User Guide of FeedMe QR Code Ordering System. Digital Menu Digital Menus can help to enhance brand by providing a consistent and engaging experience for your customers, increasing your visibility, and allowing for real-time updates to menu offerings. Click the "1. Main Menu Icon" on the portal top left-hand side, and click "2. Menu". Click  1. Catalog > 2. New Catalog > 3. New Category > 4. NewProduct Do remember to click "Publish" after completing to set up the menu. With the FeedMe Digital Menu, merchants can showcase their menu on the FeedMe app, providing customers with a convenient way to access their offerings from their mobile devices. If you're already a FeedMe merchant, don't miss out on the powerful branding features that can help you strengthen your brand. Take advantage of these features today to elevate your brand and provide a more memorable customer experience.

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Optimize Table Mapping for Top Customer Service with FeedMe Smart POS

Restaurant owners know optimizing their business is key to increasing customer satisfaction and retention. There are many variables that restaurateurs have to take into account as part of their daily routine. One of the factors that might not seem of vital importance, but can have a big impact, is optimizing table mapping. Knowing how to create a perfect table map with FeedMe can take your restaurant customer service game to the next level. FeedMe is a smart POS System that takes orders, inventory, sales and even employee management and more. One of the many features that make it unique is its table mapping feature. FeedMe Table Mapping allows restaurant owners to create a simple yet effective layout of their dining space. Each table can be assigned a unique number, and over time, owners can track different metrics related to each individual table via FeedMe Report Engine. Creating an optimized table mapping strategy is crucial in your business. Restaurant owners and managers can easily increase the flow of operation, shorten wait times, and design a more customer-friendly environment when using an optimized table map. Restaurants should also take into account the layout of their space. A good starting point is to make sure tables are spread out in a comfortable, but efficient manner so that customers don't feel too cramped. However, different types of restaurants have different needs for optimal table layout. For example, if your restaurant has a bar, consider placing bar seating near the front of the restaurant to sell that ambiance. Likewise, more casual dining restaurants should factor in spaces for larger groups to encourage family or group dining. Optimizing table mapping does not just help you and your staff, it is also a fantastic way to ensure customer satisfaction. Using the table mapping technology of FeedMe can help restaurant owners and managers create a balanced layout that maximizes efficiency, comfort, and appeal for customers. It provides a great way to offer unparalleled customer service by creating a more personalized experience for individuals as they dine in your establishment. By using the data collected through the FeedMe Report Engine, restaurant owners can also make data-driven decisions related to staff, restaurant layout, and daily operations. So if you're looking for ways to improve your restaurant, consider implementing FeedMe Table Mapping feature and see the impact it can have on your business and the way you serve customers.

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