Achieve Your Restaurant New Year's Goals with FeedMe Smart POS System

Cheers to a new year! It's time to set and start your restaurant's new year goals to ensure another breakthrough will happen in 2023.  Like any business, the main aim of running a restaurant is to gain profit. Two ways of increasing the restaurant's profit margin are increasing revenue and decreasing cost. Continue to scroll down to dive deep into each goal and discover how FeedMe Smart POS System helps merchants to achieve restaurant goals easily.  To Increase Restaurant Revenue: 1. Review and Train Your Team Regularly A productive workforce is an essential ingredient to any restaurant's success. From food handling to customer service, restaurant owner must train their team regularly to ensure the restaurant run smoothly. FeedMe Smart POS System provides an easy-to-use interface that helps the team learn the system quickly and speed up restaurant operations. 2. Use Marketing Tools To Reach More Customers Competition is fierce in the food and beverages industry, and restaurant owners must use marketing tools to make their restaurants stand out from the competition.  With FeedMe Smart POS System - Marketing Engine data segmentation, merchants can optimize marketing campaigns to reach the right audiences and increase conversion and revenue. Merchants can create promotions and vouchers in just a few clicks and develop a successful marketing campaign in no time. 3. Build Relationships and Increase Customer Loyalty To successfully develop a relationship with customers, merchants need to know customer preferences & behavior to provide a personalized guest experience. FeedMe Smart POS System - Customer Relationship Management assists merchants in building personal connections with customers. 4. Assess and Improve The Menu Regularly Food is one of the significant factors in determining a restaurant's success. Restaurant owners must review and improve their menu regularly to ensure consistency of food quality and constantly impress the customer by providing new dishes. FeedMe Smart POS System - Report Engine can create real-time data and visualize data with different chart types. With the flexibility of connecting dimension data with fact data, merchants can analyze any data schema on FeedMe Report Engine. Merchants can evaluate their menus with the data easily and quickly. To Decrease Restaurant Costs: 5. Reduce Manpower Cost One of the most significant costs for restaurant owners is manpower costs, such as staff wages and other costs related to hiring and retaining staff. FeedMe Smart POS System covers powerful features to help restaurant owners operate their restaurants efficiently and save manpower. One of the most popular features to help to reduce manpower, include QR Code Ordering System. Customers can scan the QR Code to view the menu, place orders, and self-checkout, simplifying restaurant operations. 6. Minimize Wastage Restaurant wastage includes miscommunication causing errors in cooking, over-ordering of ingredients/ materials, etc. These incidents of wastage could cause a significant increase in the cost of running restaurants. FeedMe Kitchen Display System helps to save paper tickets and helps to integrate the communications between the front and back of the restaurant operations, reducing the risk of miscommunication that causes food waste. FeedMe Smart POS System also provides Stock Inventory Feature to help restaurant owners track their stock effectively to avoid over-ordering. With over 4000 merchants signed up in Malaysia and still counting. Reliability is our top priority in helping our merchants to manage and grow their businesses. Sign up with us now to achieve your 2023 goals easily!

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User Guide: FeedMe Queue System

The restaurant industry has changed significantly over the past few years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Restaurants have to adapt to the new changes with the help of the latest technologies and strategies. FeedMe Smart POS System has rolled out Queue System to facilitate social distancing while waiting in line to ensure customers feel safe. There are other benefits of Queue Systems, such as reducing wait times of customers, keeping queues organized, improving customer satisfaction, increasing staff productivity, optimizing cost, and allowing waiting customers to choose their dishes in advance. Scroll through and start to set up your Queue System with us! Steps to enable Queue System: 1 - Log into FeedMe Portal 2 - Select "Restaurant > Online Order > Dine-in > Enable Queue Button"  3 - After enabling Queue System, merchants can go to "Profile", copy the link and share it with customers. Merchants can use the provided link to create a QR code and share it with customers as well. Steps to Queue and Preorder: 4 - Customers use their mobile phones to access the provided link from merchants, and start queueing, click "Order Now > Queue > Choose Pax Number > Confirm". 5 - Customers can scroll the menu and order their dishes in advance by clicking "Preorder Now" and sharing the Queue Link with their friends in order to proceed with preorder. 6 - The restaurant server can view and call the Queue Customers from the POS System directly. Customers will receive an SMS or notification from the FeedMe App. 7 - When the Queue Customer enters to the restaurant, servers can drag the Queue Number to the arranged table in the Dine-in Order Panel, and all preorders from the Queue Customer will be placed directly, servers can just send the orders to the kitchen in just one click. Managing a restaurant involves more than just serving delicious food & beverages to your customers. FeedMe Smart POS System helps merchants to create a wholesome experience for their customers.

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Tips for a final push to hit end-of-year sales goals by using FeedMe Marketing Tools

The last quarter is undoubtedly the most wonderful and significant period of the year for most F&B businesses! Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and School Holiday, all of these holidays come and go. Consumer spending at restaurants, cafes, or bars grows significantly during this period as the festival brings people together and a great place to eat and chat is always a must-have. It's an excellent opportunity for restaurant owners to hit sales and increase brand awareness. Continue to scroll through to discover tips for a final push to hit end-of-year sales goals by using FeedMe Marketing Tools. FeedMe Marketing Tools allow merchants to customize promotions, vouchers, and rewards to target different customer groups. Potential Customers  This group of customers has yet to know your brand, but holidays increase the chance of getting them to visit your restaurant and become loyal customers. 1 - Hold Contest on Social Media Hold contests on social media can bring online audiences to your restaurant in real life, and increase social media page engagement at the same time. eg.: Encourage online audiences to tag their families or friends in the comment box and share the post. Lucky winners can get a cash voucher and redeem it when they dine at your restaurant. 2 - Festival Promotion Taking amazing photos with attractive festival promotion and design. Promoting it on social media can grow your brand awareness and followers faster, and bring potential customers to visit your restaurant. If you're not running paid ads on social media, you can add festival-related keywords in the hashtag to get more organic views and increase the opportunities to let potential customers see your post! 3 - New Member Welcome Gift It's also the best time of year to recruit more members! By using FeedMe Loyalty System, merchants can create attractive members' benefits and rewards in just a few clicks!  Existing Customers This group of customers has visited your restaurant before or is already a member. 1 - Double Credit Rebate By using FeedMe Member Store, merchants can sell credits at a lower price to encourage members to return to spend the free credit on a specific period. 2 - Launch Exclusive Holiday Merchandise It's the best time to reward your members! Encourage them to spend more and visit your restaurant during holidays and get exclusive Holiday Merchandise when member level up to the next tier! Using the FeedMe Loyalty System, merchants can create membership tiers & levels, and add rewards! Lapsed Customers Merchants can define lapsed customers by checking the customer's last visited and spent on FeedMe Loyalty System. 1 - Cash Vouchers Merchants can customize Cash Vouchers by using FeedMe Marketing Tools (FeedMe Portal > Marketing > Voucher > New Voucher > Attraction). After creating the voucher, copy the shareable link and send it to lapsed customers to encourage them to revisit your restaurant! 2 - Bottomless Drinks/ Free Add-On Snacks Win back your lapsed customers by giving them an extraordinary bonding experience with their friends or families with bottomless drinks and free snacks! Make it during the off-peak hours to ensure they have enough time to enjoy! FeedMe Smart POS System helps merchants to speed up workflow, and operate restaurants efficiently by placing all actions at your fingertips! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram to get the latest update on our POS System features and promotions!

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Payments Made Easy with NFC Transactions

Contactless payment was a growing trend before the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerated the demand amid the public health crisis. A restaurant must go beyond delighting customers with excellent food during the post-pandemic. Adopting the contactless payment method shows a commitment to the safety of patrons and staff, which helps build customer trust and shows the restaurant takes hygiene seriously. Contactless payment offers a restaurant more competitive, and a smooth payment experience makes customers want to return. NFC Payment has emerged in recent years in the form of contactless payment. Continue to scroll down to learn more about NFC Payments and our brand-new device, which can support NFC transactions. What is NFC Payment? NFC stands for Near-Field Communication, which allows two devices to communicate in close proximity. NFC Payments are contactless payments that use NFC technology to exchange data between readers and payment devices such as Apple Pay or tap-to-pay credit cards and debit cards. How do contactless NFC Payments help your restaurant? NFC Payments provide more convenience for restaurant owners and customers, allowing them to skip the swipe and PIN during checkout, reduce the risk of theft of physical card and card numbers, and minimize the contact between servers and customers. Moreover, the explosive growth in mobile technologies drives new customer behaviour in using mobile payments. FeedMe's powerful POS System has solved various challenges faced by F&B business owners. We keep exploring wonderful hardware that best works with FeedMe POS System to level up merchants' workflow and simplify their business operations with perfection. To cater to the new customer behaviour and merchants' need, FeedMe has introduced a brand-new POS device recently - Falcon 1. Introducing brand new POS Device - Falcon 1 With the Falcon 1, you literally just need one device. Take payment in seconds with its built-in NFC. Accept Debit Card, Credit Card, and Apple pay. Tap and go, and it's that easy! Discover more about all-in-one POS Devices: We liberate you from the ordinary and create extraordinary experiences. Contact us now for more information!

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